2021 Our Alumnae Endowment Fund – Making a Difference: Impact Report

This year’s impact report begins with opening words from Erin Vandeven, Associate Chief of Nursing who points out that the work of nurses has been ‘invisible’ for hundreds of years. But the COVID pandemic has raised our profile and has allowed the public to better appreciate the incredibly important work nurses do. The pandemic has brought more clarity and definition to the profession and this has led to an influx of nursing school applications….a 17.5% increase over the year before. This speaks to a call to service in a time of strain. However, the pandemic has also seen many nurses step away from the profession as demands became too much. Even prior to COVID nurses were experiencing burnout. The previous year with the 2019 funds from the Alumnae Association, the hospital created the Innovation Wellness Strategy which included wellness workshops for nurses. Also, senior hospital leaders are determined to improve recognition of the contribution of its nurses to patient and family care and well-being. “There is a sort of affirmation from people recognizing the value of your work”, said Erin. “It brings a sense of visibility and worthiness to the forefront.”

Emergency Department Safety Officer

The impact report includes an update from Caitlin Ross and Amanda Cooney who received funds to initiate the feasibility of having a Safety Officer on duty in the Emergency Department, a nurse whose job it would be to know all protocols and practices inside and out, so that they would become a resource to other staff. We learned that the Safety Officer role is already making a huge impact in the ED on both the day and night shifts. With funds from the award, Caitlin and Amanda developed and formalized a 1-hour training course for those who had completed Team Leader training. A resource binder was put together and is on site in the E.D. The Safety Officer role has helped staff feel more confident that they are providing safe care.

Archives Update

The Alumnae Funds also support the Archives. David Wencer has had an unusual year working remotely for the most part and unable to have on-site visitors to the Archives. The Archives will be moving to the Patient Support Centre in 2023. The money will be used once a project is decided upon. Our support is very much appreciated.

2021 Nursing Award Winners:

  1. Navreet Gill and Sandra Aiello – Assessing the Healthcare Transition Needs of Parents/Caregivers of Adolescents with Congenital Heart Disease
  2. Katherine Cheug and Michelle Kerrigan – Development of an Emergency Preparedness

We look forward to hearing from them in the fall of 2022.

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