(Cl’48) Lillian – A Princess Visits!

Thousands greeted Queen Elizabeth, then Princess Elizabeth, and the Duke of Edinburgh as they arrived in Canada at Malton (now Pearson) Airport in the Fall of 1951.  Their five week tour would take them West to Vancouver Island and East to Newfoundland, following the same route as her parents had travelled in 1939. By the time they flew home they had covered 15,000 miles and in each place they visited, as requested by the Princess, she met many children.

It’s not a surprise then that everyone was thrilled to welcome Princess Elizabeth to the ‘new’ Hospital for Sick Children at 555 University Ave!  One of those nurses was Lillian (Calberry) Chalmers  HSC Cl’48.  Lillian passed away on November 1, 2021 and her granddaughter, Bailey, says that meeting the Princess was the highlight of Lillian’s time at HSC. In this photo, Lillian, in white on the left, is with her patient, Naomi Clark as she presented flowers to the Princess.  Quite an experience!