(CL’66) Lynda – A Room of My Own

Lynda (Fallis) McKean – Class of 1966

When asked to describe her most significant memory of HSC for the 100th Anniversary of the Alumnae Association in 2003, Lynda wrote,

“The day I entered the residence as a brand new first year student in 1963 was the most exciting day for me.  I had decided to become a nurse at the age of 12 when I met my aunt Barbara Fallis (Ham) class of 56 F.  I set my goal as HSC and applied at the end of grade 12 just to make sure I was on the list.  When I got my acceptance at the end of Grade 13, it was like a dream come true.

As I opened the door to my single room (230) in Elizabeth McMaster House, I was so excited to think it would be mine for a whole 3 years.  (I grew up in the military and had never had a bedroom in one place for that long!)  It overlooked the courtyard and was bigger than any room I had ever had.”