Florence J. Potts Scholarship Recipients

One of the earliest HSC School of Nursing Alumnae Association awards was the Florence J Potts Scholarship instituted in 1922 in honour of her contribution as Superintendent of HSC nursing and the hospital. During the early years of the Hospital, Miss Potts proved to be an outstanding administrator and teacher. She was successful in guiding the Hospital and the School of Nursing through the changing and challenging period of 1913-1922.

The Scholarship originally gave an annual amount of $350 to a graduate of HSC. This was sufficient to finance a university nursing course. This amount was increased at various times over the years as costs for courses increased.

In 1962, after many years of varied fund raising projects and donations, the Florence J. Potts Scholarship for Post-Graduate Nursing became fully endowed.

In 1984, this scholarship became the Florence J. Potts Bursary. It was awarded to an RN with at least one year nursing experience and it was for the full time study in the field of healthcare, at a college or university. Although preference was given to HSC graduates, the bursary was now offered to current HSC nursing staff. (From 100 years: A Celebration of the Alumnae Association..)

1923 Ruth Cameron (1922)

1925 Eleanor Newberry (1925)

1926 Rita Sutcliffe (1917)

1928 Lottie Muir (1927)

1929 Gene Clark (1918)

1930 Mary Leslie (1924)

1931 Sarah Oliphant (1925)

1932 Reba Simpson (1925S)

1934 Jean Masten (1930)

1935 Anna Hulbert (1932)

1936 Dorothy Priestley (1926S)

1937 Jeanette Gillespie (1935)

1938 Isobel Cation (1937)

1940 Harriett McGreary (1924)

1942 Florence Watson (1935)

1943 Francis Boyd (1941)

1944 Grace Grant (1943)

1946 Nancy Toy (1944F)

1947 Kathleen Highmoor (1946)

1948 Fearn Lawson (1945)

1949-1954 – No recipient names available. More research required here

1955 Francis Swain (1953F)

1956 Margaret Price (1953)

1957 Gwyneth Allen (1952)

1958 Hildy Haiplik (1956)

1959 Jan von Zuben (1958)

1960 Frances Menary (1948)

1961 Cynthia Bunnell (1950)

1962 Judith (Biggar) Corrin (1961)

1963 Beverly McKown (1962)

1964 Margaret Patterson (1957)

1965 Elizabeth Morrow (1952)

1966 Jo Ann Neff (1959)

1967 Maria Stein (1959)

1968 Geraldine Roach (1959)

1969 Anne MacKenzie (1960)

1970 Joanne Kennedy (1969)

1971 Joanne Kennedy (1969)

1972 Katherine Reid (1970)

1973 Carol Sheppard (1970)

1974 Annette Vatter (1972A)

Note: In 1974, the Florence Potts Scholarship funds were moved to the Hospital’s Nursing Education Department for administration. Preference for the award was to be given to an HSC graduate and then to any nurse who had worked in the hospital for a year and planned to return to HSC after graduation from college or university.