Congratulations to the Class of 1972B on their 40th

40 Years ALREADY ????   Twenty one graduates of the Class of 1972 B gathered at the lovely Fern Resort at Orillia September 21-23, 2012 to celebrate 40 years since we left Elizabeth McMaster House. None of us had changed at all and we relived many of our fond memories of our student and post grad lives.

The event was organized by our class rep, Susan (Palmer) Bodis and we thank her so much for all her efforts. Fran and Jane Woods helped by bringing special napkins and Janny (Copeman) Rowntree brought delicious apples.
The highlight of the event though, was that each attendee received a home-made HSC cap produced by Gloria (Tomini) Mears and she said it only took her 5 hours to make each cap!!  We look pretty good in the picture, don’t you think? Thanks so much Gloria for all your hard work.  We so much appreciated it.  What a reminder of our HSC heritage. After dinner on Saturday we even had a mini trivia game but some cheated by looking through the yearbooks!!!!!!!!  Old student and grad uniforms were on display plus other tidbits from our student days

There is a special bond created by living very close together in residence and working and socializing for two years that cannot be replicated. After 40 years nothing seemed a whole lot different, giggling and having fun, what a good time we had. Three of our classmates are still working at HSC, the rest of us are scattered across Canada and the USA. Sadly one of our class members died last December and we toasted Margot Jeffrey.  Our thoughts were with those who were too ill to attend and all others not present.  Many are still working, some retired but all proud to call ourselves graduates of HSC.

Submitted by Susie Furlong Class 1972B

Class of 1972B. Looking good! Love the caps!