Congratulations to the Class of September 1959 on their 60th Anniversary!

Dolores Shackleton writes:

“On Sept. 17, 2019, Twenty five Sept. ’59ers (of a possible 39) plus one husband sat down for lunch at the Old Mill in Toronto to celebrate our 60th anniversary of graduation and 63rd anniversary of meeting each other at the Elizabeth McMaster Residence !!  Ann came from England, Betty from B.C., and Maryl from Montreal!   Did we share memories!  Only 7 of our class have died and we have lost track of 3.  We generally keep track of classmates and try to celebrate yearly now.   Kudos to Jan (Burgess) Dent our main organizer this time who provided each of us with a hand towel embroidered with the entwined HSC logo and ” Our 60th” as a souvenir!    Mine sits on my mantel!

11 of us stayed overnight at the Old Mill and continued traveling “Down Memory Lane” as well as creating new ones!  What an A-1 60th Reunion!  On to the next one!”

Members of the Fall Class 1959 at their 60th Reunion!
Catching up and making new memories – Jacqueline Manning-Albert and Ann Kinney, Class”F59
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Congratulations to the Class of 1969 on their 50th Anniversary

Carol (Langan) MacKay and Shelley (Smith) Alkenbrack recently wrote to their classmates following their 50th Reunion held in the Fall of 2019.  Here is part of their letter:

“……………..our class reputation for being good “party-ers” still stands! Remember those great parties in our PJ’s in the long hallway, with take out food and some tasty beverages? While we have somewhat altered the style and content of those events, we nonetheless enjoyed the company of the 24 classmates who made it to the hospital presentation on the Friday morning. In the Elizabeth St. Atrium we were welcomed by the RN Council reps, Erin and Christine, and their colleagues. We began with a continental breakfast, welcoming speeches, a wonderful slide presentation by the planners of the new hospital buildings (construction to take place over the next ten years) and a most informative tour of the current facilities formed the program for the day. Lunch was served in the Atrium and class pictures taken for the Archives. Needless to say, there was coffee and enthusiastic conversation among our very energetic group of classmates. So glad to be a part of this special group!”

Following this, many of us recessed to the Chelsea Hotel, just a few steps along Gerrard St. for an informal reception in a hospitality suite. Thanks to Carol MacKay for her fabulous display which included our student uniform, (starched and ready for business) along with two dozen beautiful yellow long-stemmed roses! As well, there were numerous pictures and albums, providing a bit of “a blast from the past!” An “In Memoriam” board paid tribute to those classmates we have lost over these 50 years.

All enjoyed nibbles and beverages, but especially the love and laughter generated when old friends get together. Several mentioned that we should try to arrange a get together down the road, and not wait for 50 years to do so!”

Carol and Shelley went on in their letter to acknowledge those who expressed their thanks for the 50th and sent notes. They also thanked Sue Beal who provided individual copies of her booklet, “My Child in Pain”, a thoughtful contribution from her area of nursing expertise.

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Congratulations to the Class of 1958 on their 60th Anniversary

The Class of ’58 met from Sept 26-28, 2018. Jacquie Babcock sent along a few pictures of their get together. Looks like Niagara Falls was the centre of activities. Imagine! 60 years!

Back row: George Kerr, Gerry Barron, Jan Auld, Jean Little, Joan Beaton, Sue Morris, Marilyn Burbidge, Marilyn Burgess, Bill McNeilly
Front row: Jacquie Babcock, Kathy Hannah, Marilyn Dix, Lorraine Collins
Heather Blake, Gerry Barron, Sue McKechnie
Happy to be together!
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Congratulations to the Cl ’67 on Their 50th Anniversary

Our 50th Reunion was held on October 11th and 12th, 2017 in Toronto. With diligence and much searching, we managed to locate all but one of our classmates. We had 37 attending from near and far – Ontario, Alberta, BC and Florida. We stayed at the Chelsea Hotel for two nights. A cocktail reception was held in the hotel the evening of October 11th with many happy reunions, eulogies for our dearly departed classmates, a short entertainment song (to the tune of “Oh we’re from …. “), and plenty of delicious food. A big thank you to the organizers of this fantastic event – Nancy(Simpson), Fran(Wemp), Ann(Blair), Karon (Harbinson), Linda Sumner, Val(Rowan), and Cathy(Weir). Also many thanks to Barb(Bird) for the wonderful Nurse mugs, Fran for the Memory Books, Cathy for the gift bags, name tags, collecting photos and making a photo frame, and Anne(Sherman) and hubby for making the photo DVDs and taped 60’s music.

On October 12th we attended the hospital tour and luncheon hosted by Sick Kids. Thank you very much to the RN Council Chairs and other Sick Kids staff for welcoming us back. They said ours was the largest 50th luncheon ever! Also thanks to Dee(Schuster), Class Rep, for helping to arrange the luncheon and Jamie(Marg Jamieson) and hubby for arranging coverage on CTV news – click here!

On October 12th evening, Karon (Harbinson) and Ann (Blair) hosted a wonderful buffet dinner at Karon’s home – thanks so much Karon and Ann.

The two days went by much too quickly. We now have cherished memories of our time together – reconnecting with old friends, talking about the good and bad times, sharing laughter, tears, and goodbyes once again.

Till the next time ………

Dee Cavanagh, Class Rep






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Congratulations to the Class of 1957 on Their 60th

Joan Raymond, class representative from the September Cl’57, sent along the following note on their 60th reunion, held on Sept 15, 2017 at The York Club in Toronto.  She tells us that 15 members enjoyed a lovely luncheon there although the plan had been to return to The Briars on Lake Simcoe.  Joan goes on to say, “Our class have had their reunions there since 1992 and every two years since 2002.  When I contacted The Briars to book the 2017 Reunion, I learned that the lovely Kae Ferraro had retired and all the rules had changed.”  Unfortunately, the class members didn’t feel they could make the changes required “so we reluctantly and sadly had to abandon the Briars”.  However, it sounds as if they had a wonderful time at The York Club.  It’s very special to be able to reunite after 60 years. Clearly this class has kept in touch with one another frequently over the years.  Congratulations!

Congratulations to the Class of 1967 on their 45th

Our 45th reunion was held in the west for the first time, on September 14 & 15, 2012 in the beautiful city of Victoria, BC at the Executive House Hotel. There were 15 of us, coming from Ontario, Alberta & BC. The weather cooperated, sunny & hot, much to the amazement of all.

On Friday evening the reception was held in the penthouse, Presidential Suite, with a wrap around deck, the views of the Parliament buildings, Empress Hotel, cruise ships, ocean & Washington state mountains, were enjoyed by all. The delicious food was catered by the hotel. We got to wear fascinators, of course a tradition in a royal city!!!  To everyone’s surprise, we had a visit from Queen Elizabeth, who gave a wonderful speech, reminding us of our frolics while in training & she also met everyone, presenting each with a carnation.

Saturday morning started with a catered breakfast in the hotel.  The afternoon was spent, by some whale watching, others riding on a tour bus or taking a tour on a horse- drawn wagon. We skyped our classmates who met for dinner at Nancy Rickett’s home in Brampton,Ontario at the same time.  Then we enjoyed dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, donning napkins on our  heads, spoons on noses and having a lively sing song at the end, of course,” Oh, we’re from HSC, so pity me, etc, etc !!! ”

Sunday morning came all too soon; we said our goodbyes in the Presidential Suite. It was so great to see everyone again!!  Thanks to Dinah Green ( lives in Victoria ) & Dee Cavanagh ( lives in Nanaimo ) for planning  this fun-filled reunion. We are going to have yearly mini reunions, as we decided that five years is a long time between seeing each other. Till the next time at the Old Mill in Toronto. Stay tuned for date and time …..





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Congratulations to the Class of 1972B on their 40th

40 Years ALREADY ????   Twenty one graduates of the Class of 1972 B gathered at the lovely Fern Resort at Orillia September 21-23, 2012 to celebrate 40 years since we left Elizabeth McMaster House. None of us had changed at all and we relived many of our fond memories of our student and post grad lives.

The event was organized by our class rep, Susan (Palmer) Bodis and we thank her so much for all her efforts. Fran and Jane Woods helped by bringing special napkins and Janny (Copeman) Rowntree brought delicious apples.
The highlight of the event though, was that each attendee received a home-made HSC cap produced by Gloria (Tomini) Mears and she said it only took her 5 hours to make each cap!!  We look pretty good in the picture, don’t you think? Thanks so much Gloria for all your hard work.  We so much appreciated it.  What a reminder of our HSC heritage. After dinner on Saturday we even had a mini trivia game but some cheated by looking through the yearbooks!!!!!!!!  Old student and grad uniforms were on display plus other tidbits from our student days

There is a special bond created by living very close together in residence and working and socializing for two years that cannot be replicated. After 40 years nothing seemed a whole lot different, giggling and having fun, what a good time we had. Three of our classmates are still working at HSC, the rest of us are scattered across Canada and the USA. Sadly one of our class members died last December and we toasted Margot Jeffrey.  Our thoughts were with those who were too ill to attend and all others not present.  Many are still working, some retired but all proud to call ourselves graduates of HSC.

Submitted by Susie Furlong Class 1972B

Class of 1972B. Looking good! Love the caps!



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Congratulations to the Class of 1962 on their 50th

The Class of ’62 gathered for their 50th reunion on May 1 – 3, 2012.  The following report was sent along for the website.


At 10:00 am, May 1, 2012, 28 classmates from across Canada and the USA met in the rotunda of Sick Kids. Everyone received a name tag and a grad photo button.  Two staff nurses organized us into two groups for a tour.  We saw several areas in the hospital but one of the highlights was a visit to The Learning Institute which embraces all education endeavours including the Simulation Program where nurses can practice procedures and techniques without risk to the patients.

Luncheon was served in the University Avenue Rotunda. Elizabeth Uleryk, Director of Library Services and Archives, provided displays of graduate pins, uniforms, caps, capes, a very large copy of our class picture, antiques, and old documents. She also initiated a guessing game about an old piece of equipment from the 1940’s.  Donations to the Archives are welcome. In September, Elizabeth was delighted to receive a hard copy and an electronic copy of our anecdote collection

Cl 1962 at their 50th Reunion May 2012 - Copy


A slightly different 28 class members went to The Briars for good food, delightful conversation, comfortable beds and a gentle program. Aquafit led by Jane Booth and Yoga led by Wendy Cook were great structured activities for classmates.

The game, “Guess who wrote this anecdote” promoted interesting conversation. After a story was read by Janet Saunders and the author was identified, that class mate had the floor. By the second evening, this game time had been renamed ‘Cocktails and Stories’.

Any other class wishing to use any of the same ideas for reunion activities may contact Pat Coulman, our class representative. Pat can refer you to the class mate responsible for each activity.

(Contact for Pat’s email information)

Attendance:     Hospital Tour (H)       The Briars (B)

Jane Ellen Balfour, HB; Lynne Beckett, HB; Ruth Beyers, HB; Liz Booth, HB; Jane Booth, HB; Diane Colley, HB; Wendy Cook, HB; Pat Coulman, HB; Sandra Deere, HB; Anne Downs, H; Faye Frey, HB; Joan Fuller, HB; Sheila Gibb, B; Anne Gray, HB; Barbara Harris, HB; Kit Henning, HB; Beverly Hinton, HB; Barbara Kearnes, H; Barbara Lamontague, B; Maureen Malcho, B; Anne Marks, H; Elaine O’Neill, HB; Reta Ormond, HB; Elizabeth Sandlos, HB; Janet Saunders, HB; Mary Sheffler, HB; Sandra Steen, HB; Jacqueline St Gelais, B; Janelle Thomas, HB; Heather Tuckey, HB; Carolyn Yates/Billeston, H





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Congratulations to the Class’61 on their 50th

by Nan (Woodward) Henderson

Prior to the fall reunion, 14 classmates gathered in the Atrium for the 50th luncheon.  Many thanks to the Department of Nursing for hosting this event and the tours that followed.

On September 23, 2011, classmates began to gather in the beautiful city of Victoria where a three day event was planned.  Friday evening we met in the Governor’s Suite on the 17th floor of the Executive Hotel.  The scene overlooking the city and harbour was gorgeous.  The excitement was high and memories flowed.

On Saturday at noon a delicious lunch was provided by the hotel.  Classmates arrived, many of whom we had not seen for many of the 50 years.  Needless to say, the rafters rang.  The afternoon was spent touring the waterfront, shopping, museums, Butchart Gardens or whatever pleased the group.  At dinner, husbands joined the party.  Our missing classmates were brought to mind and a toast was given.

The breakfast room found us congregating each morning to carry on where we had left off the night before.

Sunday was parting day and those who were able to remain attended a gala dinner at Nancy Choat’s lovely home.  It was a perfect way to end a perfect reunion.  Our planning committee, Nancy Choat, Lynne Johnson, and Claudette Walker did a great job .





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Congratulations to the Class of 1960 on their 50th!

On September 15, 2010, the March and September 1960 classes enjoyed a special time at HSC to celebrate 50 years since graduation. We had an excellent turnout with 6 of 8 March graduates and 30 of our 35 September graduates. They came from as far away as England, California, Texas, Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We had a delicious lunch including a cake decorated for our festive event, and each of us was given a lovely red rose. We then went on a very interesting tour that included a visit to the impressive Learning Centre and to a special historic photo display set out in the Main Rotunda.

A highlight at the end of our tour was being photographed, lined up on the staircase leading up to the Main Rotunda, just as we had been 50 years ago for our graduation. A copy of the two photos and a DVD of our luncheon were later given to each classmate, including those who could not be there. Our thanks to Elizabeth Uleryk and to John and Sandy Edmonds for making these souvenirs available. Particular thanks to the Department of Nursing, the Nursing Alumnae, and the hospital staff, the catering service and our tour guides for their gracious and generous hospitality. We truly had a great time sharing our memories and catching up on the many changes.

After lunch, the March graduates enjoyed a visit and potluck supper at Sally (Ellsworth) Cameron’s home, and 24 September classmates along with 5 brave husbands traveled to the Briars Resort on Lake Simcoe for 2 overnights. We enjoyed the lovely grounds, excellent accommodation, meals and service. Most of all, it was special being together to chat, reminisce and to fool ourselves that “we hadn’t changed a bit”! How could 50 years have gone by so quickly? Even a rainy day couldn’t spoil our fun!

Donalda (Donnie) Parkes, Sep ’60


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