Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning Opens – Fall 2013

The Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning is about to open to the public.  The SickKids Foundation website describes the facility:

“Towering 21 storeys at the corner of Bay and Elm, the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning stands as a testament to the past, present, and future, of scientific achievement in child health care.  Designed by award-winning architects, Diamond and Schmitt Architects Inc. with HDR Inc., this new 750,000 square-foot facility accommodates the most specialized research and learning needs.  Incorporating open concept design, sleek, state-of-the-art amenities, and collaborative work spaces, the Gilgan Centre, emanates innovation and excellence….  ”

Several press articles have been written in the last few weeks.  Check out an August 26/13 article in Urban that describes the Centre in more detail with incredible photos of this state of the art facility.  Sorry this is not a direct link but you can copy and paste to your browser:

Peter Gilgan Centre image of lobby labs Peter Gilgan

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