Congratulations to the Class of 1960 on their 50th!

On September 15, 2010, the March and September 1960 classes enjoyed a special time at HSC to celebrate 50 years since graduation. We had an excellent turnout with 6 of 8 March graduates and 30 of our 35 September graduates. They came from as far away as England, California, Texas, Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We had a delicious lunch including a cake decorated for our festive event, and each of us was given a lovely red rose. We then went on a very interesting tour that included a visit to the impressive Learning Centre and to a special historic photo display set out in the Main Rotunda.

A highlight at the end of our tour was being photographed, lined up on the staircase leading up to the Main Rotunda, just as we had been 50 years ago for our graduation. A copy of the two photos and a DVD of our luncheon were later given to each classmate, including those who could not be there. Our thanks to Elizabeth Uleryk and to John and Sandy Edmonds for making these souvenirs available. Particular thanks to the Department of Nursing, the Nursing Alumnae, and the hospital staff, the catering service and our tour guides for their gracious and generous hospitality. We truly had a great time sharing our memories and catching up on the many changes.

After lunch, the March graduates enjoyed a visit and potluck supper at Sally (Ellsworth) Cameron’s home, and 24 September classmates along with 5 brave husbands traveled to the Briars Resort on Lake Simcoe for 2 overnights. We enjoyed the lovely grounds, excellent accommodation, meals and service. Most of all, it was special being together to chat, reminisce and to fool ourselves that “we hadn’t changed a bit”! How could 50 years have gone by so quickly? Even a rainy day couldn’t spoil our fun!

Donalda (Donnie) Parkes, Sep ’60